INNOVO had been the premiere magazine to share how Booz Allen makes the world a better place and to tell their innovation story.

But the client wanted to reach broader audiences with the property and feared trademark concerns with the original wordmark. So my team took on the challenge of rebranding the product for it’s external launch with a system that better reflected the evolving identity of it’s parent brand.

The name ENVOI was chosen for its double meaning, both as a play on word to ‘envoy,’ as a messenger on a mission, and also a nod to it’s short stanza content structuring that could be easily repackaged for the web.

The design elements communicate concepts of process, experimentation, measurement and precision. Key design elements are strategized to be flexible and appeal to an external audience by providing a fresh interpretation of every release based on the feature article and overarching concept of the collection of articles. Printing with 2 primary PMS spot color inks in combination with 4-color process on a paper considered to enhance the visual effect extends the tactile quality of the reading experience and creates a sophisticated approach that enhances the qualities of the print format. This approach uses a consolidated family of colors from the parent brand palette that provide fresh energy but also work together harmoniously. This will maintain recognition with products and provide flexibility.

The underlying grid has been updated to a 12-column system. The page margins, columns, baseline grid, type sizes and paragraph spacing are now proportional to each other and developed so every measurement is divisible by a unit of 3. This creates a dynamic flexibility in page-layout options while still maintaining consistently systematic layouts.

The publication will provide a curated collection of our best and brightest contributions to advancing the world. The direction allows articles to focus and feature the most impactful and engaging examples of the products we make, the challenges we solve, the solutions we provide and direction of growth.

This refined approach enhances the editorial experience by creating strong recognition of elements when navigating the publication.

By maintaining key elements on the cover, in combination with featured artists designs and unique color combinations, this approach creates a system of editions audiences will expercience as artifacts to anticipate and collect.