The 2016 Be Booz Allen Leadership Summit offered all 600 of the client’s senior leaders the chance to reflect not on what they can accomplish, but on what they should aspire to achieve, together.

In just six weeks, I led a team of over 70 in-house creatives and production partners from concept to successfully delivering the event experience, approach, and creative execution of the two-day summit, providing the context and content to reveal the client’s new values and purpose statement, and to resolve the question of what it means to be Booz Allen.


Building on successes of 2015 True North leadership summit, we delivered an experience that resonated with the audience and left attendees with renewed inspiration, enthusiasm, commitment, and clarity of purpose.

Our 360 channel approach, from screen-projected visuals, sound effects and lighting, to registration sites, collateral, branded wearables, hotel room keys and hotel installations, expressed the excitement of the journey for the diverse collective, and the spirit of their new values.

The art team employed design elements of lines, patterns, color, gradient, light, and more to create the visual identity, one that reinforced a style of improved clarity, directional optimism, presence, and a revived energy of legacy becoming future.


Producer & Creative Strategy: Joseph Smallwood
Experience Design: Joseph Smallwood, Maria Habib
Art: Maria Habib, Nune Vartanyan, Amrithi Deverajan, and Joe Buckland
Stories: Joseph Smallwood, Toby Ulm, Alex Haederle, and Jacob Kriss
Production Manager: Brian McNair, Bailey Skiles, Niki Harris
Staging: Legacy Scenic
Lighting Design: Jeffrey Holt
Lighting: Atmosphere
Projection: Quince Imaging
Animation: Sandy Marshall, Brian Cain
SFX: Gigawatt Media
Printing: Dodge Chrome